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Men In Black 3 Movie Review

July 3, 2012

I also watched a good movie recently. Since I tend to accentuate the flaws rather than point out what I liked, this review will likely be far shorter.

Men In Black 3 consists of a time-travel plot where an alien K imprisoned in 1969 escapes and goes back to finish the job. Like usual, the entire Earth is at stake and only the Men In Black can stop them. Although, it might be more properly called the People In Black, because there are now women in the organization. Initially I thought this was a recent change, but it’s probably a retcon since there are some even in 1969, though not as agents. Only one plays anything even close to a major role, however. All the others are just background characters.

So Jay goes back in time to help a younger K. Yes, I am inconsistent with my abbreviations. The younger version is a lot different from the newer one- still with the same recognizable traits, but a lot more talkative and open. It’s very well done, actually. Something happened that caused him to become bitter, something which ties into the plot and characters nicely but something I will not spoil. There’s a really interesting support character that can see possible futures (it’s better when you see him) and plenty of laughs, some playing off the technology and culture of the era. It’s hard to describe, but the best way to describe it is very well done.

It’s not perfect, of course, and I was left with a few questions. It also missed a very appropriate opportunity for a Portal reference. So I give it an almost perfect



Brave Movie Review

June 30, 2012

Yeah, I know it’s been a few months and the Mass Effect 3 feature is nowhere to be seen. I’ve been rather busy IRL and I decided to hold out for the Extended Cut DLC. I’ve also decided to play through the entire series, hopefully gaining some perspective on it. With that aside, I just watched the movie Brave, and I’m going to share my impressions in what might become a recurring feature but probably won’t. Beware, there may be spoilers.



August 26, 2010

I recently found this among my drafts. I must have been distracted or tired when I wrote it and hit the draft button instead of the publish one. Original date is April 25, 2010.

Well, I watched Avatar yesterday, and it was a mixed bag.

Let’s start off on a positive note. The special effects were as good as they are hyped up to be. Pandora looks really well done and cool-looking. The battle scenes were impressive both visually and aurally.

And that’s where the good part ends. The story is overlong, overdone, and preachy as fuck. I found myself rooting for the humans. The North American Indians metaphor was incredibly obvious and slammed you in the face.

A lot of stuff, including the design of Pandora itself, seems unrealistic and unlikely. Who the hell was the military advisor for this thing? The tactics used by the humans were completely retarded, even (or maybe especially) for mercs. Whoever designed their vechicles should be shot too. There was nowhere near enough sci-fi stuff- cool technology, technobabble explainations, etc. In fact, the movie felt more fantasy than sci-fi. The whole movie felt 40 years into the future, not 140 years. In fact, the only really futuristic technology was the Avatars themselves.

Overall, Avatar is a great movie for showing off your home theatre or seeing once because everyone else is. But really, it’s not as great as it’s hyped up to be.