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Project: webPC – iMac G3 Modernization

July 21, 2013

So, one year after I asked the question of whether an old iMac G3 could be turned into a modern PC, it’s finally built.




DOOM WAD Retrospective – The Portal

December 29, 2012

No, it has nothing to do with the 2007 game, probably because it predates it by ten years.

The Portal is a Wolfendoom WAD, ie a Wolfenstein themed mod for Doom (2). The author, Laz Rojas, made an entire series of these. I’ve played quite a few of them, and although I thought they were really awesome when I first played them, looking back, not so much. These WADs were made in the late nineties and the early 2000s. Most of them require a BOOM-compatible port (Legacy is recommended by the author- GZDoom remains my recommendation). Everything is done with DeHackEd patches and the gameplay remains largely the same- use switches and keys to advance, shooting everything in your way. No DECORATE or ACS here.

Premise-wise, Portal is a prequel to the Astrostein series (reviews coming soon). It’s set in the Wolfenstein universe, and you play as B.J. Blazkowicz (sp?). Not Chell. The Nazis have found a Stargate time portal under the sands of Egypt. You’re sent in to destroy it before they can accidentally the timeline. This is all explained in the readme, of course- as far as I know storytelling in DOOM mods was nonexistent at the time. Remember, no scripting. (more…)

NES 2 AV Mods

September 4, 2009

I was going to do a long rant about the Wii. But since I know some of you want something with more substance, I’ll give you this instead.


Nes2The NES 2 toploader was Nintendo’s attempt to sell more NESes. The toploader design is more reliable, but it suffers from bad video output. It’s only RF and suffers vertical lines. So a lot of people AV mod their NES 2s.

The usual method (let’s call it the gameSX method) involves removing a resistor, cutting a trace underneath it, and wiring up a simple video amp. But some say it doesn’t reduce vertical lines at all, doesn’t improve quality much, or is simply just confusing.

So I went on this internet and searched for answers. Then I found this thread on the internet (after a helpful mention… somewhere).  The first theory as to why the video output still sucked was a bad PPU. Some guy disproved that by actually connecting his toploader PPU video output to the video circuit in a frontloader. Problem solved, not the PPU.

Some guy posted an alternate mod in that thread, based on the AV Famicom circuit. It involves lifting pin 21 and connecting it directly to the new circuit. This mod gives much better video output, but has somewhat reduced brightness. Apparently in a normal frontloader the video is amped again in the RF box, so that could be tried.

But was that just the answer? No. By that time I had looked through schematics, scoured the web, and found absolutely nothing in various forum topics. I’d even come up with the crazy idea of reproducing the entire video circuit of a frontloader.

Now I wish I just had a NES 2 to play around and test my theories on. Were you expecting that I had one and modded it? Nah, you can’t get anything cheap where I live, regardless of rarity.

I did, however, write this article on the ModRetro wiki.