Rant: YouTube, Redux

YouTube is seriously turning to shit.

It started in what seems like ancient history now, with the elimination of the stars-based rating system in favour of a like/dislike one. And then they fucked up the related videos column. And then they fucked it up some more.

Recently, they introduced a new layout. A new layout that does not work worth a damn on my computer. It’s snapped to the left side of my screen, leaving almost half of it unused and forcing me to crane my neck to the left to watch videos. Popping out a video used to center it nicely- now it’s off to the left, again for no apparent fucking reason except that nobody watches videos on their computer anymore, or something.

Now there’s the new channel layout. Now, there’s nothing wrong with the new layout, as far as I can tell… yet. But I tried to change my channel art and it basically went full retard on me.

Adding new channel art required me to log in again to access some kind of Google storage, for no apparent reason. When I uploaded my logo, it raped it and cut off half the text. I suppose I should have read the guidelines. Guidelines which basically state that YouTube will not scale your image in a reasonable fashion if your logo is anything like mine. Which is every goddamn amateur logo made by the legions of YouTubers with no graphic design skill or money to hire a designer. You allow us to crop our image, now can you do it in such a way that automatically adds whitespace instead of me wasting my time manually ghettoing that shit up in Paint?

Additionally, it required my picture to be ridiculously fucking large. Like, higher res than my monitor large. Maybe this is to accomodate high-res (not fucking Retina, why the fuck is Android Incorporated acting like fucking iFags?) displays, but haven’t you ever heard of scaling? Yes, it will look like crap, but so will the result of an exasperated me going into paint and stretching the image by 400%. At least Google probably uses fancy anti-aliased edge-sharpened algorithms that don’t predate Y2K. But thank you for wasting my time.

I want to change my channel icon. Inexplicably, this is linked to my Google+ account, which I was not aware I had. It’s my profile icon. Thank you for opening an account I don’t fucking want without my fucking consent, Google.

Thankfully, it didn’t go full retard. Except for asking me if I was sure I wanted it, because it didn’t have my face on it. Maybe I don’t want my face on it. Maybe I identify by something else, or maybe I just don’t want my face plastered all over the fucking internet. At least they didn’t demand I use a face, because if they did then this would not be posted here but to the email accounts of every Google executive I could find.

ADDENDUM: Remember that copywrong bullshit I brought up earlier? Well, because of that, I can no longer do any of these things completely unrelated to copyright infringement, most of which make no sense whatsoever. And I have to wait six months for the claim to expire.

I really need to find an alternative to YouTube.



2 Responses to “Rant: YouTube, Redux”

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