Gaming: Xbox ONE First Impressions

So… Xbox One reveal.

First, I was wrong about the name. Besides the obvious Xbox 720 guess, a lot of people guessed Xbox Loop or Xbox Infinity based on the registration of I, of course, guessed Xbox 8, to match Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. All in all, though, Xbox One isn’t a bad name. It’s not mindblowingly retarded like Wii U.

Hardware… pretty much what we were expecting. Initial reports pointed to a POWER architecture processor, but what we’re going to see looks very similar to the PS4 (or AMD’s next-gen Fusion chip). Coupled with 8GB of DDR3, which means they learned from the last generation that you NEED MORE RAM. Still, by the time it’s retired, 64GB or 128GB will probably be commonplace. A lot of people are going to say, oh, it’s not powerful enough, it’s not pushing the limits, but the fact is that you can’t push the limits with a game console anymore without driving the price through the roof. Best you can do is play catch-up with the PC world.

Media functionality, yes, I like, but it’ll be saddled with Microsoft’s proprietary bullshit for sure. They’ll probably make you pay for LIVE Gold to use Netflix and stuff too, but we’ll see. I can already tell they won’t let you mount a network drive and stream your… um… downloaded movies. Overlaying over your HDTV steam, honestly, I don’t really see the utility in. A lot of people are moving to online services entirely. I’m not going to get into the death of TV, though, that’s a whole ‘nother issue.

Speaking of which, paying for online service is pure bullshit in this day and age. It’s gouging and there’s no excuse for it.

More in-depth and factually correct examination, as well my take on Call of Duty: Ghosts, tomorrow. Spoilers: Graphics don’t look that special, and for fuck’s sake, can we finally have some women in this game? I will pay extra for female Ghosts.


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