Late Post- SGU Cancelled

I’ve been too busy to post about it sooner, but I am so happy that SGU has been cancelled.

For those that don’t know it already, I hate Stargate Universe (SGU). I’m a huge fan of the prior two Stargate shows, but SGU just left me disgusted. I forced myself to watch it hoping it would get better and eventually gave up. Later I tried again, then gave up again. I made my opinion absolutely clear- SGU sucks.

I guess the network executives have the same opinion now, because it’s cancelled. So, without further ado, the top five reasons why SGU sucked (in my mind anyway).

5. Terrible Cinematography
The lighting is too dark and the shaky-cam puketastic. ’nuff said.

4. Wrong Tone
This isn’t Stargate at all. Stargate is adventurous and optimistic even in the darkest times. Not completely dark and emo.

3. Stupid Premise
The idea of a bunch of idiots stuck on a spaceship halfway across the universe was flawed from the outset. For a supposedly serious show, anyway.

2. Awful Characters
Rush is an asshole, Young is incompetent, Chloe is a whore, TJ just sucks, Scott and Greer are both cliched, stereotyped lapdogs. And I’m not sure who the fuck Wray is.

1. Drama over Story
SGU had no storyline, no direction, no enemy, no fucking purpose. I really don’t want to see a bunch of desperate losers trying to survive. The drama is terrible. Picture the stupidest, most temperamental borderline insane people you know all tossed into a spaceship. That’s SGU in a nutshell. It would have been pretty funny if they weren’t so serious about it. Basically, instead of stuff like character development, plot advancement or background information, there was pointless melodrama.

Though it’s not a reason the show sucked and therefore can’t go on the list, TPTB’s attitude was terrible. They ignored what the fans wanted, insisted the show was the best thing since sliced bread, then blamed “angry Atlantis fans” for SGU’s failure. I don’t even want these assholes making Stargate.

Well, it’s finally coming to a close. The best I can hope for is a reboot in ten to twenty years. Gah.


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8 Responses to “Late Post- SGU Cancelled”

  1. dioxholster Says:

    no way it didnt suck! Rush and Young were awesome, and they also wouldve been great SG-1 characters too. whilst i can agree with how awful the producers acted towards fans in the beginning that doesnt take from the fact that they created a great show.

  2. pl Says:

    SGU was great! emo and dark? It was much more realistic than the previous stargate’s.

  3. Eline Says:

    Lol, I know how you feel, I kept watching and hoping. At the end of S1 it became a bit less annoying (not like the beginning: we’re gonna die!, ohw, nvm). And now in S2, things we’re finally picking up again, now they cancel :( Ahwell, still not nearly as entertaining as the old SG series.

  4. Dude Says:

    Actually, I liked it. I agree that it’s dark, but it’s because the main story unfolds on the ancient’s ship. Characters are somewhat strange, but nevertheless they are interesting. However, Rush and some others suck. SGU has purpose – to find out the structure on the border of the universe that existed from the beginning of time (possibly message from God?) In season 2 SGU started to get interesting and that’s where they decided to cancel – that is as strange as the SGU itself. So much for a story!

  5. Vortez Says:

    I totally agree with all you said. could’t have said it better. SGU sucked so hard…

  6. Sammy Says:

    Agree with you on all points. What an awful end for a great franchise!

  7. Raj B Says:


    SG-1 and SGA were episodic. They intentionally AVOIDED character development, plot advancement or background information. That’s how episodic shows work. The focus is on the “adventure of the week” with a predictable cast of characters and what little story there is is told through short arcs spread out across the season.

    Some people enjoyed Transformers 3 instead of The King’s Speech. And that’s fine. But it doesn’t mean that TF3 had storyline/depth/plot/development and TKS didn’t – just the opposite.

    I liked SG-1 and the early seasons of SGA as well, but *THEY* – not SGU, lacked storyline, plot, character development, depth, etc.

  8. GPT Says:

    Well said. What a waste of a great franchise.

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