Youtube- Officially Evil

In my books at least, YouTube is officially evil.

I was listening to Muse – Uprising a while back and thought it would be great if it was made into a video about China. So I got some clips off YouTube and probably other places too, got the song and made a semi-cool video. I used Premiere Elements 4 which works but has some really annoying flaws and “features”. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

I post my video, and later I check my email. A confusing message with links to more confusing articles on YouTube. I’d like to take a moment to mention that their info pages SUCK- not very informative, confusing, and difficult to navigate. If you are interested, the contents of the email and what it links to are at the end of this post.

I follow the link to some page that lists my videos “Content ID Matches” whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean. I click “View Copyright Info”, which takes me to a confusingly-worded information page. It basically says that my video contains content that is owned or licensed by not one but TWO groups (Sony Music Entertainment and WMG, both evil I’m sure). Then it says that my video is blocked worldwide, and then below that it says it isn’t blocked.

Now here’s where it gets weird. I can view my video, on YouTube, just fine. The audio track isn’t muted, there’s no extra ads or anything, it works just fine. I don’t know if it’s not blocked because I’m the one who posted it or if it’s just an old version in my browser cache, but I can view it. I only knew that it was actually blocked because some helpful users at ModRetro pointed it out. I might as well just take it down now.

I know that you aren’t supposed to post music videos like this on YouTube. But look around. There are tons of videos with copyrighted audio tracks all over YouTube. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that more than half of the videos have a completely or partially copyrighted audio track- this is counting everything from music videos to some guy’s vacation video with thirty seconds of a crap song in it. I have two hypotheses (hypothesises?) about it.

One, it was blocked on the request of the Chinese government. I find this incredibly unlikely. First, it has almost literally no views. Second, there are videos depicting Tiananmen Square, Chinese police beating people in Tibet, protests, slums, and all sorts of videos that are negative toward China.

I think it’s much more likely that they simply don’t care, because I have three videos in total including this one and less than a hundred views on all of them combined. Oh, some guy is violating our terms of service, he’s not a big uploader, block his video. I bet if I had 200 videos and millions of views they would let it be, or fix it after their automatic system blocks it.

What can I say? YouTube doesn’t care about the little guy anymore. The same little guy that made the site big and popular and started the YouTube revolution. Fuck you, YouTube- maybe I’ll just move to Vimeo or Metacafe.


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