Two Free Trials

Last weekend Valve was offering a free trial of Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. I also tried out the RUSE beta. I wasn’t impressed by one, but the other was pretty good.

Modern Warfare 2

I was really disappointed by this hyped-up game. The way you play on line is just retarded. You choose a gamemode and then it automatically matches you up. There are no normal servers. Why the hell would they do something so retarded? To add insult to injury, you have to unlock gamemodes. The graphics weren’t all that much better than CoD4 either. I only played briefly before getting bored. Overall, it felt like a bad console port. At least it let you map your own controls. Okay, maybe I haven’t played it enough, but why would I continue to play a game that turns me off at the beginning?


This game was pretty fun and I wish I’d tried it earlier. The beta is really limited, giving you one map and only Easy US for an enemy. I didn’t try multiplayer- apparently it supports six maps and 4 players. You can, however, play as the US, UK, USSR, Germany, France or Italy. The gameplay was pretty good, though the titular RUSEs are underused by the AI and not overly useful. I found myself using the tactics I always use- lots of artillery supported by AA and tanks. The unit variety is okay, it leans on the cookie-cutter side of things but it’s not too bad. Overall units are balanced all with counters and it’s pretty well done. I played all sides and found I like France the best. The one discordant note is that the game played quite slowly, with units taking quite some time to be destroyed and moving slowly. The graphics aren’t spectacular, but they hold up okay. However, it is really neat that you can zoom in and out from a very close battlefield view and a ‘map table’ view. Things pop up and scale in relation to each other as you zoom in. It does not stutter at all. And yes, it actually is a map table in the middle of a command room if you zoom all the way out. Overall, R.U.S.E. is a pretty fun game. Too bad the beta expired and it won’t be released for months.


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