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SGU Still Sucks

April 17, 2010

I’m sure you”ve heard my bitch and whine a lot about it, so I’ll keep this short. SGU still sucks.


Youtube- Upgrade? I think not!

April 15, 2010

Well, I’m one more person bitching about YouTube. The new, crappy YouTube.

Okay, people have been bitching about it serving mostly big money corporate contributors and things like that, but I’m bitching for a different reason. YouTube is simply awkward as fuck now.

The layout sucks. The description beside the video was good because it wasn’t distracting. All the related videos beside it is annoying as hell. And where did the “more from X author” thing go? It was a really handy feature, but now you have to go through their channel! Maybe good for the guy who posted it, but it’s a pain in the ass for the viewer. Did I mention how ugly it looks?

In addition, what happened to the rating system? Now you can only “like” or “dislike” a video! What if I overall liked it, but wasn’t impressed with the video quality? If I voted “like”, it would be misleading, but if I voted “dislike”, it would be misleading the other way! To add insult to injury, you can’t see the ratings until you vote!

Well, it’s happened. Others have predicted it, but I never bought into it. But it may indeed be the beginning of the end of YouTube.

Two Free Trials

April 12, 2010

Last weekend Valve was offering a free trial of Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. I also tried out the RUSE beta. I wasn’t impressed by one, but the other was pretty good. (more…)