Fanfiction- A Rant

Recently I’ve been getting back into fanfiction. The reading part, not the writing part, because I found out a while ago that I’m not good at the latter. Specifically I’ve been reading crossover fics. Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis, which I really like, with NCIS (odd combination but I like NCIS), BSG (which I never watched, and I liked old BSG better by the way) and Star Trek (because I said so). I’ve noticed a few things.

First, why the fuck do people find it necessary to do insanely stupid crossovers. Some of the worst I’ve seen: Harry Potter/SG-1, NCIS/Buffy, and Trek/6teen. Things like BSG/SG1 or Trek/Atlantis are perfectly logical. Things like NCIS/Atlantis are less obvious but still a good idea. But some crossover ideas you’d have to be on meth to think up of. Why is this done? Who knows, but this brings us to point number two.

What the fuck is with all this slash, het, fluff and other romantic shit? Most of this shit seems to be written by teenaged girls with twisted sexual fantasies, or something like that. Look, just because you have a weird fantasy where Spock fucks Kirk doesn’t mean you have to write about it and post it on the internet, inspiring others to write their own garbage. Seeing a shrink might be a much better idea.

A few observations about fanfiction in general. The population seems to predominantly be teenaged girls. The same ones tend to write slash, fluff, whump, hurt/comfort, and use The male fanfiction writers tend to write more adventure, suspense, and action, and avoid A lot of crossovers, sci-fi anyway, use alternate universe plot devices to blend things together, and technology is almost always stacked. There is a tendancy to add unnecessary, stupid and illogical connections in crossover fics. Reviewers are either complete assholes or praise garbage, depending on what category your story is in.

Okay, enough ranting for now. I may be working on some projects of my own, but probably not since I’ve only ever finished three stories, and two were oneshots.


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One Response to “Fanfiction- A Rant”

  1. taiorafan21 Says:

    I’m a male, I write romance fanfiction, I use and I don’t write smut or yaoi. I consider myself a pretty good writer and the reviews I’ve gotten seem to corroborate that belief. I agree with you that some crossovers make no sense. I also agree that most fanfics are horrible and are written by fanbratty teenage girls. It’s a sad state of affairs, but I’ve learned to deal with it.

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