I watched a few more episodes of SGU. I know, I just keep watching it even though it sucks. Here are my thoughts.

Water was actually a pretty good episode. Okay, it would be a stretch to call it good, but it was watchable. A bit of that classic Stargate made it into this episode. Young and some other guy have to go to an ice planet to get some ice to melt into water. Unfortunately the other guy falls into a crevasse and his space suit is leaking. And Young refuses to go back without him. Meanwhile, on Destiny, there’s something drinking the water. It turns out to be that sand-creature thing from Air Part III (which I “unfortunately” missed). There’s a lot, and they’re pissed. They kill one guy (actually injure him, he dies at the end from the wounds) and another goes after him with a flamethrower. Eventually they imprison it, it breaks out, and Lieutenant whatserface (the medic) lures it into a container and throws it through the gate. In this episode, there was some action and an actual enemy. I don’t think it had as much drama either. I thought there might be hope for the series after all.

Then it was dashed. Earth was probably the worst episode of SGU so far. Young, Eli, and one of the immature girls (Chloe I think) go to Earth. Well, they use those stones to switch bodies. Young is the only one who reveals it to his wife and makes up with her. Eli acts as a friend of Eli’s and visits his mom. Chloe pretends to be “cousin Liz”. Eli and Chloe go out to some dance or something. Chloe acts unbelivable immature and gets drunked up. The whole on-Earth part just sucked. It was lame, I don’t care, I want some action. The Destiny part was a bit better. Some genius has an idea to dial Earth while Destiny is in a sun. A guy almost dies and the ship is almost blown apart. Telford and his two scientist buddies shut down the body-switching device and Rush shuts down the gate, revealing that it would never work. Blech. This episode is terrible, you have to see it to see how terrible it is.

So that’s two episodes of SGU in a nutshell. An episode that gave me hope and one that was absolutely terrible.


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