SGU Part 2

Well, I’ve watched a few more episodes, and I’m still not impressed. In fact, I think the series is getting worst.

Again, the series is going all of nowhere. What should have been one episode was stretched into two. First, Destiny runs out of power and heads towards a sun. That was stretched into an entire episode, with lots of drama that I don’t care about. In the next episode, they fly through the sun and don’t die. It should have been one episode. It was stretched thin across two. In fact, the entire series so far could be compressed into a single episode.

Oh, and nothing significant has happened. They’re still alive. Lack of direction is still there. This isn’t Stargate. Stargate is about going through a portal to other worlds shooting aliens and blowing things up. Not surviving in a spaceship in the middle of nowhere. Stargate is an action packed series with a few funny bits and a few dramatic bits. Not a dark drama where pretty much nothing happens. If I wanted drama I’d watch BSG. At least there’s shooting in that. And at least that series has a direction. Atlantis was a worthy successor to SG-1. Universe is a disgrace that will forever sully the Stargate name.

There are probably some people who would like SGU, but I hate it. You get a lot of contrast watching an episode from the first season of SG-1 on the same day.

On another note, I’ve ordered a Freeduino SB and I should be getting it sometime next week.


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