Stargate Universe

Just watched the first episode of SGU and I’m not impressed.

First, the whole thing has a different tone, and the style is overall different. It just seems out of place. It’s too dark and too quiet, and the music sucks. Also, like most of the newer sci-fi series’, it eschews a considerable amount of logic and realism in favour of drama. And drama there is. It’s not Defying Gravity horrible, but they are trying to be too dramatic.

The biggest thing though, is that I fail to see where this show could go. Everyone is stuck on a ship which is falling apart and on autopilot. Sure, they can survive and try to go home, but that’s not what Stargate is about. It’s about going through gates and gunning down bad guys. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I don’t want to see a whole series about it. There are a few episodes of SG-1 and Atlantis like that. I think maybe Atlantis was originally supposed to be more like this, but cooler heads did not prevail this time.

Let’s go through the whole episode, and I’ll point out all the various problems. This is in chronological order, not the order presented in the episode. It’s jumbled as hell on the show.

It starts with this nerd guy who dropped out of college, Eli Wallace, being appoached by O’Neill after winning a video game or something. Apparently he has been tracked and they know everything about him. Initially he refuses but he gets beamed up. Okay, nothing wrong with this part at all.

Then they take him by ship to a base, somewhere, so he can work on the project to dial the ninth chevron… to go somewhere. Then he asks why they didn’t just gate to the planet. First problem here. They respond by saying the gate has been modified to only dial out, because it’s too risky to be able to dial in. Why didn’t they just put in an iris? Obviously someone had a serious brain fart here.

Of course, the base is attacked by Goa’uld, and things go to hell yet again. The ship, Hammond I think, sits in orbit taking damage and not doing anything at all. The base gets defended, except they seem to have two 302s, one railgun, and no SAM sites. Come on, you’ve got to be kidding! Then a ship crashes in an exceedingly slow way.

There is an evacuation, which makes sense. Of course the idiot Dr. Rush inturrupts dialling and dials the 9 chevron address, and it works this time. The idiot soldier on the DHD does nothing of course, even though it should have been pretty obvious. And of course, the gate will not shut down and the planet is about to blow up, for some reason. Meanwhile, in a hallway they clear away wreckage with explosives and get some people out.

So everyone gates to Destiny and despite walking through they inexplicably fly through, bumping into things and hitting each other. I laughed a bit when a guy got whached with a flying case of something. Now they are on a ship that’s running out of air and they have very little supplies. There’s some drama and tension here, and some discoveries, including a really small flying MALP-like drone called a Kino. Eli turns out to be a good character but Dr. Rush turns out to be a crazy bastard. Despite all the drama, however, nobody bothers to do so much as blame him for getting everyone into the mess.

Because the ship is leaking air, they have to seal it off. They seem to jump to a certain leaking shuttle, and Dr. Rush does a laugable job of seeming to do nothing. He says he contacted Earth with a long-range communication device and O’Neill designated him leader, but we don’t know if he contacted Earth and lied about becoming leader, contacted Earth and told the truth, or just didn’t contact Earth at all.

There was a kind of funny bit where they open up an Ancient CO2 scrubber and it dumps out all this nasty goo. It steams for some reason and they whine about it making people sick. Rush also takes the time to bitch about how they didn’t get their sodium hydroxide and there is none on the ship. The real leader, colonel something, recovers enough from flying through the gateroom to stand. Kind of unrelated but kind of important.

Back to the shuttle. Apparently it has a slow leak, the ship half of the airlock is jammed, and the shuttle half of the airlock can only be closed from the shuttle. Of course it didn’t occur to anybody to simply close off the compartment. So after a lot of commotion, including (finally) the suggestion that Rush close it from inside the shuttle. The colonel volunteers but some politician guy with a really bitchy daughter does it first. Of course the daughter cries and Rush talks to her about loss, or something.

The colonel guy gets pissed off with the inaction and tries to dial Earth, also revealing a problem with the gate itself. The entire gate spins, all the chevrons light up, and the symbols are impossible to see, so you don’t get that anticipation while it dials. A minor oversight, but still an oversight. In the middle of dialling, the ship drops out of not-hyperspace and dials another planet. Apparently the planet has what they need, they have twelve hours to get it, and they put together a team.

It’s not that SGU is horrible, it’s just that it’s not great. It doesn’t really fit into the Stargate universe (ironic pun there) very well. I don’t see where it can go either. It might improve, or it might be all downhill. We’ll see, but I wish they kept going with Atlantis or SG-1.


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4 Responses to “Stargate Universe”

  1. Sue Says:

    As a fan from the very beginning of all SG1 series, I was very disappointed with what we were given to replace Atlantis. I turned it off and watched Numbers. I hope they can improve the story line becasue I really miss my fix of SG1.

  2. Mikey Says:

    STARGATE UNIVERSE; The sucking sound was not just the air leaving the spaceship.

  3. wolf Says:

    I have watch this show last night and it reminded me of a show that should be on the Disney channel. I want to watch grown people like SG-1. The most horrible part of this movie is that a teenage boy got to go throught the stargate because of a video game. I mean if that isn’t completly stupid I don’t know what is. I really can’t stand people who takes the best series of a life time and convert it to be another kiddie movie. They need to quit and go back to SG-1 or Atlantis.

  4. Hidiosoman Says:

    I didn’t read this at all.

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